Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School: First Day

Today marks the first day of class! I am actually retaking a course that I've already taken previously. The reason I'm retaking it because I want a better grade. Getting A's academically is a major component in the Asian gene pool. Is it my fault that we want to succeed in life?! While it is true that getting a college pedigree doesn't guaranteed success, it is however a stepping stone! There's a higher chance that I will be employed by flashing my college diploma than with my high school diploma. Amirite? I am right.

Of course, I am not dismissing people who are not attending college. There are so many ways to be successful. Not to mention, you also need to define what is considered successful to you. If you are happy with your job, salary, status in life, then you are probably successful. If having 10 kids with your wife is consider successful then so be it! If owning a circus filled with acrobatic ants is consider successful, then who am I to say no? Success is subjective!

Okay I just realized I've completely off topic now, sorta! Redirecting back to first day is actually pretty good! I just finished my one and only class and I'm typing this post up on my iPhone! Woot woot, there's a blogger app.

My professor recognizes me; I do not know how as I've never interacted with her afterwards. I must be pretty memorable since I've done nothing but daydream in her class! *smirk*

She also called on me repeatedly with odd questions like, "Is the word data plural or singular?" What the hell? This isn't an English course! If you don't know the answer, data is actually plural. The singular version is datum. Look, you've learn something today!

As for the weather, it is ridiculously hot and humid! Worst combination ever!! On the bright side, that Bobbi Brown foundation I recently bought is holding up really well today! My face is still very matte and no oily blotches! Under such weather conditions, most foundation would immediately melt off my face! Totally worth the $46! Going to write a small review on it later I guess!!

Okay, my stop is here and I have to walk home now. My butt and right leg fell asleep so I'm going limp my way home with my droopy butt. Hmm, might order takeout on the way home!

Good bye ~


  1. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

    1. Awww, thanks for the comment! Really appreciate your thoughts on it! Checking yours out now, haha !