Monday, September 24, 2012

Skulltini has arrived!

About two weeks ago, I raved and drooled over the Skulltini and I promised myself I won't impulsively splurge [post]. Hence, I waited one week to think about it... Screw that, it arrived at my place a week later via. shipping. Yes, I NEED this shoe.

Isn't the shoe box ....interesting?

Dun dun dun.... ! *suspenseful background music*

Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini in Black/Gold

What a beauty!

I will die happy. It doesn't matter how I die. Kill me now if you must. My life is complete!

Unbeknownst to many (I really don't know how), the little gold studs are actually golden skulls. Turns out some people whom I've shown the pictures to originally thought the studs are spikes. Meh, I don't really like the spike trend that's arising. It's cute, but some designers are going to the extreme with it. Seriously, those spikes can hurt people!

Small golden skulls embedded into leather ~ 

So far, I've only worn it once. I am terribly afraid of wearing it. Isn't that odd? I wanted it, I needed it, and when I finally own it - I become fearful of it. 

I simply don't want tor ruin it. I am afraid I'll trip somewhere and scuff it. 

And you know what? I did scuff it! A part of me died when I found out. So for now, my Skulltini will take a break from exposure.

The short story of Skulltini's life span will end here.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am really stupid...

One day I woke up and noticed that my hair was excessively greasy. I can probably make fried egg with the amount of grease sitting on my head. Sounds disgusting, no? No need to worry, I won't degrade myself THAT much to eating my own oil production things...?

Anyway...I was running late and I did not have time to jump into the shower and make myself look presentable. Nor did I dare leave the house looking the way I did.

I know, I know...I should have purchased dry shampoo sooner for emergencies like this, but I forgot or I was too lazy to! Then, I had a really stupid idea. It was brilliant at the time because I was desperate. Now that I think back, oh my god. I am absolutely shameless. I am a shameless woman.

My "brilliant" idea at the time was to use my gerbil's dust bath. Over time, gerbil's fur become greasy and they take dust baths to clean themselves up. I figured since it has done no harm to my gerbil's fur then why not human hair?

I placed myself in front of a large mirror and start pouring gerbil dust on my head. So embarrassing, I am so glad I didn't take any pictures of that day. Honestly, it did do the trick. My hair was significantly not greasy oily looking. It was nice and sheen! I was actually quite proud of myself for being so clever as I leave the front door for school.

The problem arises during school where gerbil dusts begin to fall off my head and on to my face. FML! I had dusty face the whole day! My hair is looking awesome but my face was a mess! I came home quite miserable as everyone was giving me quizzical looks and many whispers behind my back.


Okay, I will buy dry shampoo now and never embarrass myself to this extreme.

Monday, September 10, 2012

MUST HAVE: Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini

Once upon a time, I glazed my eyes over the Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini and I sprouted wings just like the ones in the Red Bull ads. There are no words that I can possibly express the raging emotions charging over my body. I must have this!

What prevented me is its price tag of a whopping $180.  A quick google search found that sells it for $160.  It's still pricey ~ what the hell?!

My wings broke off and I was left alone, spiraling downwards from sole heaven.

I am exaggerating now, but the remnants of Skulltini was engraved into my mind. I can't eat, sleep, or draw on my face without thinking about the shoe. I am being tortured!

I even asked my friends for advice, yay or nay? I got a lot of yay's, but the nay's asked me to be reasonable. Do I really need this shoe? No...I have a lot of shoes. But none of them look like the Skulltini. So frustrating!

Another nayer's told me they saw a replica of Skulltini at Aldo's for $80. Oh boy, I can laugh about this. I am not a fan of Aldo. They DO have pretty shoes, but they're are shitty quality and their price tag are just not worth it. I know because I own some.

I can't help but be very meticulous when purchasing shoes. I love my shoes for its quality, appearance, and duration. I love them even more when they're made of leather or suede. I can't help but be so anal about their composition.

Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini is made of leather, except for the soles. Leather is durable and is a huge investment for this beauty to last a while.

So I've decided that I am going wait for a week and if I am still ripping my hair out because my feet have yet to slip into this fine beauty, then I will splurge on it. I will eat ramen for a week if it means my feet can be embodied by Skulltini.

I read the above statement over again and I realize how shameful I've become for shoes..

I blame Skulltini.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School: First Day

Today marks the first day of class! I am actually retaking a course that I've already taken previously. The reason I'm retaking it because I want a better grade. Getting A's academically is a major component in the Asian gene pool. Is it my fault that we want to succeed in life?! While it is true that getting a college pedigree doesn't guaranteed success, it is however a stepping stone! There's a higher chance that I will be employed by flashing my college diploma than with my high school diploma. Amirite? I am right.

Of course, I am not dismissing people who are not attending college. There are so many ways to be successful. Not to mention, you also need to define what is considered successful to you. If you are happy with your job, salary, status in life, then you are probably successful. If having 10 kids with your wife is consider successful then so be it! If owning a circus filled with acrobatic ants is consider successful, then who am I to say no? Success is subjective!

Okay I just realized I've completely off topic now, sorta! Redirecting back to first day is actually pretty good! I just finished my one and only class and I'm typing this post up on my iPhone! Woot woot, there's a blogger app.

My professor recognizes me; I do not know how as I've never interacted with her afterwards. I must be pretty memorable since I've done nothing but daydream in her class! *smirk*

She also called on me repeatedly with odd questions like, "Is the word data plural or singular?" What the hell? This isn't an English course! If you don't know the answer, data is actually plural. The singular version is datum. Look, you've learn something today!

As for the weather, it is ridiculously hot and humid! Worst combination ever!! On the bright side, that Bobbi Brown foundation I recently bought is holding up really well today! My face is still very matte and no oily blotches! Under such weather conditions, most foundation would immediately melt off my face! Totally worth the $46! Going to write a small review on it later I guess!!

Okay, my stop is here and I have to walk home now. My butt and right leg fell asleep so I'm going limp my way home with my droopy butt. Hmm, might order takeout on the way home!

Good bye ~

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NY Weekend II: Unexpected Expectancy !

I remember quite well that I left my house (in MA) quite happy and here I am back in MA quite disappointed.

Maybe it's because I am yearning for excitement and unpredictable adventures. Or perhaps, I think some events could have been better... But what do I know? But what really surprised me this weekend was my temper. My usual no-nonsense-taking-inpatient-butt behaved itself and I was just a mellow fellow taking a nice stride among the passive currents of doing absolutely nothing.

I did nothing this weekend. Let me explain, yes I went to the events as planned. What mainly happen? I sat my ass on a chair for a long time. Not to say the events were bad, it was just bland. It's like eating ramen without the soup base or eating rice for the rest of your life. It lacked spice!

To explain, the first event was Winnie's Make-Up Party. I think that is pretty self-explanatory - it's a party with make up involved! If you think about it a little further, you might be imagining a bunch of girls and guys(?) gathering around trying on make-up or putting it on someone else's face.

 Winnie bought a bunch of cosmetics from the company she is associated with and they have their own make up line called Motives. 

Here's the set up of all the cosmetics that are available to try or test.

There's even nail polishes to try! I was told that they were $1.00 each , which is a huge bargain! OPI nail polishes are $8.50 and most recently, I purchased Illamasqua for $14! So freaken expensive to paint your nails these days! 

So the question is, is it really a steal for $1 in terms of quality like OPI and Illamasqua? Yes, I've tried the peachy color one, forth from the left side. It took a while to dry and if you're not too careful, you'll have fingerprints for patterns. I have yet to remove them and even without top coat, it didn't chip! 

Overall, good. I just do not like how it takes too long to dry. I do not have all day to wait! Life is still young!

I like the brushes, only the small ones though. They were very soft and they are also synthetic. My problem was the bigger brushes for face contour, powder, blush, etc. they were too rough on skin contact. 

Falsies, blushes, eye shadows, gel liner, foundation ~

Out of everything, I like the eye shadows the most. Don't have a strong opinion on the rest, not to say they were bad. 

It's called, Motives® for La La Fall/Winter 2012 Runway Collection. 

They're mineral eye shadows, paraben free, and their ingredients include grapefruit seeds, which are antioxidants! 

Sadly, I didn't take a pic of myself with this on, but I really good reason why! (more later)I just checked their website and this costs $29.95 but I think the site has this function where they give cash back. 

I'd definitely buy this one for myself! Good for the upcoming fall!

Trying all the cosmetics can be pretty tiring. Luckily there was food! All you can see in this pic are cupcakes, jello shots, and a glass of rainbow jello-margaritas! Yum!

Sadly, these were virgin drinks/shots because there were underage kids. Speaking of that, there were so many little kids running around! What the hell?! 

Okay, side story - I am digressing, whatever! I am not good with children, especially naughty disobedient children. The only kid I've been very fond of is my boyfriend's niece. She's very cute and it's hard to stay mad at her for too long. 

Boyfriend's niece, Mia.  She is the only child I will tolerate. The rest of you, go away. 
One of the kids tried to interact with me. I think her name was Hailey (sp?) and she seems sweet. She asked me a simple question, "What's your name?" and to that I replied with..

"WINNIE?! WHAT DO I DO?!"*shocked and scared face*

Okay moving on....
Every birthday party ends with the cake!

Hazelnut Winnie the Pooh cake for the Birthday girl, Winnie!
Actually there were three cakes/cupcakes...

Honestly, I had fun. The only person I knew at the event was the birthday girl herself. Jacklyn, whom I've befriended since middle school was too tired to make it so I had to entertain myself. Freaken disappointed in her yo! Not only does her boyfriend controls her lifestyle, she couldn't even make the effort to come. Her excuse was she's too tired to keep her eyes open. Dude, I got my ass here from Boston just fine! 

Okay enough of the negative shiz. I met new people at the party, we played with make up! I found a new love for the eye shadow, and I get to see Winnie! So overall, GOOD!

Happy Birthday Winnie** ~ Thanks for the invite! 

** If you ever come upon this blog of mine, don't get mad or anything with my POV for the stuff. Take it all in with a pinch of salt :D


Triple Date with Sa & Steph (S&S)

We wine and dine at Bamboo Pavilion
6920 18th Ave(between Bay Ridge Ave & 70th St) BrooklynNY 11204 (718) 236-8088 
Szechuan Chicken
 S&S really hyped this dish up and I was expecting magic. It's meh. My taste buds are greedy. It was spicy and bland. 
Beef with....something... I forgot what it was called! FML
We actually ordered 4-5 dishes and I only took two pictures because I was starving! Screw pictures! My tummy's need is a priority! They say you can catch a good man through his stomach! Heck, I think I'm pretty decent girl, you can catch me any day by feeding me!!!

The food was decent. I manage to eat most of it, but my favorite dish has to be the Crispy Fish something something. Yeah I am hopeless here. Okay, I knew szechuan food is spicy, but I did not know just HOW SPICY it can really be. The girls and I finished everything despite chugging down 2384902384 cups of water. Hey waitress lady, keep the water coming!!! 

Would I come here again? For dates? Nah. I do like my wine and the ambiance is not suited for get together to chat and catch up. 

For the price, it was cheap. For 4-5 dishes, each of us (6 total) paid $14 including tips. 
It was nice night with S&S. I got to meet their boyfriends (Robin/Jose) which is pretty cool! I got to see another side of them when they're in their moments. 

I thought Robin was pretty cool. Seems like a responsible guy and he use to play WoW, which is a positive CRITERIA. I have to lure that kid in to play again! I need more friends on my list! Who wants to be friends with me? :D

I didn't really get to talk to Jose. He was really quiet and never made eye contact with anyone other then with Steph. If he wasn't Steph's bf, I would not have bother to even notice him. He blends in with the cement, or however the saying goes. My boyfriend commented, "What does Steph see in him? He doesn't talk, didn't bother to join conversation, and only looked down at his food."

It's mean to say, but I have to agreed. He just seems nice, which is the only adjective you can describe him. I can see why Sa would date Robin; he's educated, has a job (responsible!!), and they look so compatible too! 

Whatever, only time will tell. Is he really a keeper Steph? 

Anyway, after the dining we walked around the 18ave fair. 

We must be really boring people because we only attempted one game. 

 The goal was to get the monkeys!
How to win them? You have to shoot the ball through the hoop!

Here's Robin, at his first attempt. Sa's expression and folded arms says it all, "I am not impressed."
My boyfriend (in red dress shirt, why yes he's cutie!) attempted as well, but...nope. We didn't win the monkey. Sad panda...

People have work the next day despite it being Labors Day, so we parted ways at Starbucks after a drink or two. Thanks for coming out guys, I appreciate it. Next time, let's pick a better place.
I was happy to go home. I had a pounding headache for 5 hours long and I'm too tired! Before the triple date, I went shopping around Broadway. It's a long walk and there's Labor Day sale!
The sale wasn't that great. I only bought a few things. 

  • Victoria's Secret Pink had the (7) panties for $26 promotion going on; it was okay... 
  • Club Monaco: Additional 30% off sales, which is too good to be true! The guy's sale section is awesome. Sheng bought two shorts for $70+. The women's section was meh! Everything was too mature for me! I really need to grow up!
I was very happy with my purchases at Sephora, even though there's no sale. Oh well.

  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 in Porcelain $46
  • Benefit Lipstick: Pinking of You $18
Quote behind the lady in lingerie ~
"How do I love lipstick? Let me count the ways..."
- Lana

The color is exactly how it looks in this picture. The lipstick is a bit sheered, only slightly!
It's shimmery and very creamy.
I do not take care of my lips for some unknown reason. Too lazy... so I usually have chap lips, where the skin is just peeling off.
Someone once told me they don't like lipstick because it doesn't compliment well with chap lips, but after putting this on, the buttery feel restored my lips. Dead skin disappeared!
~~~Magic ~~~


My nail varnish is from Motive at Winnie's party.  There's a dent thing there because it wasn't try when I started to move around more. I thought it was dry because I tried poking it.
If it dried faster, I'd give it a 7/10 because $1 for each is cheap!
Not a bad dent on my thumb right? That's cause you do not see the rest of my finger nails!

Well, this was a super long entry. I was importing pictures from my camera while typing this up. School is starting soon as well so I need to indulge in a little WoW before being 'serious'. 

Oh my god, school is starting soon! I looked up my schedule just now and it begins this Wednesday (9/5)!  FML!  I am not ready to go back! On Facebook, all my friends are already back in school and I happily gloated that mine starts a week after theirs. The time has come, sadly, and I must prepare. 

Today is Tuesday, right? =___=; What the efff, it starts tomorrow!

Ugh! Going to sleep! Allow me to never wake up from this nightmare!