Saturday, September 22, 2012

I am really stupid...

One day I woke up and noticed that my hair was excessively greasy. I can probably make fried egg with the amount of grease sitting on my head. Sounds disgusting, no? No need to worry, I won't degrade myself THAT much to eating my own oil production things...?

Anyway...I was running late and I did not have time to jump into the shower and make myself look presentable. Nor did I dare leave the house looking the way I did.

I know, I know...I should have purchased dry shampoo sooner for emergencies like this, but I forgot or I was too lazy to! Then, I had a really stupid idea. It was brilliant at the time because I was desperate. Now that I think back, oh my god. I am absolutely shameless. I am a shameless woman.

My "brilliant" idea at the time was to use my gerbil's dust bath. Over time, gerbil's fur become greasy and they take dust baths to clean themselves up. I figured since it has done no harm to my gerbil's fur then why not human hair?

I placed myself in front of a large mirror and start pouring gerbil dust on my head. So embarrassing, I am so glad I didn't take any pictures of that day. Honestly, it did do the trick. My hair was significantly not greasy oily looking. It was nice and sheen! I was actually quite proud of myself for being so clever as I leave the front door for school.

The problem arises during school where gerbil dusts begin to fall off my head and on to my face. FML! I had dusty face the whole day! My hair is looking awesome but my face was a mess! I came home quite miserable as everyone was giving me quizzical looks and many whispers behind my back.


Okay, I will buy dry shampoo now and never embarrass myself to this extreme.

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