Monday, September 10, 2012

MUST HAVE: Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini

Once upon a time, I glazed my eyes over the Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini and I sprouted wings just like the ones in the Red Bull ads. There are no words that I can possibly express the raging emotions charging over my body. I must have this!

What prevented me is its price tag of a whopping $180.  A quick google search found that sells it for $160.  It's still pricey ~ what the hell?!

My wings broke off and I was left alone, spiraling downwards from sole heaven.

I am exaggerating now, but the remnants of Skulltini was engraved into my mind. I can't eat, sleep, or draw on my face without thinking about the shoe. I am being tortured!

I even asked my friends for advice, yay or nay? I got a lot of yay's, but the nay's asked me to be reasonable. Do I really need this shoe? No...I have a lot of shoes. But none of them look like the Skulltini. So frustrating!

Another nayer's told me they saw a replica of Skulltini at Aldo's for $80. Oh boy, I can laugh about this. I am not a fan of Aldo. They DO have pretty shoes, but they're are shitty quality and their price tag are just not worth it. I know because I own some.

I can't help but be very meticulous when purchasing shoes. I love my shoes for its quality, appearance, and duration. I love them even more when they're made of leather or suede. I can't help but be so anal about their composition.

Jeffrey Campbell's Skulltini is made of leather, except for the soles. Leather is durable and is a huge investment for this beauty to last a while.

So I've decided that I am going wait for a week and if I am still ripping my hair out because my feet have yet to slip into this fine beauty, then I will splurge on it. I will eat ramen for a week if it means my feet can be embodied by Skulltini.

I read the above statement over again and I realize how shameful I've become for shoes..

I blame Skulltini.

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