Thursday, June 7, 2012

Water rafting, cameras, ramblings, and recent purchases

Next month, I am going water rafting with some friends. I cannot wait because it will be my second time. The first time, it was so boring. OMG! It was basically like going down a slide at a child's playground. However, unlike a child's play thing, I got caught in a whirlpool? I'm not sure what that happen because we are suppose to be in a river or some sorts... Anyway, the whirlpool was not a dangerous one, very slow currents and our rafting boat (?) got caught and we went round and round in a circle very very slowly. You would think mentioning a whirlpool in this story would be exciting right? Who the hell would get excited about a slowass whirlpool anyhow? Okay, I digress from the main point.. anyway, I invited some friends along and my bf also invited his friends along. I think it will be very fun with friends especially since we are going to rent out a vacation home and next month is also my bf's birthday! Eh, no one cares =.= it's not even his real birthday anyway. Another story on that ...

Since some of my friends will be coming along, I thought I should invest in a camera to keep some memories around. I think I might be getting old because I am starting to value small things like pictures. I usually take pictures with my iPhone but it's actually not so efficient not to mention its quality is crappy especially low lighting.

I am considering on Canon s100, a semi-professional point and shoot digital camera. I did a lot of research before deciding on it, I even got my photography friends to help make decision. Any suggestions on a better camera? I wanted a SLR, but shit that looks so bulky and heavy! I am too weak to carry that around. I'm sure it takes great pictures but my arms will be so dead by the end of the day, I will probably end up taking no pictures at all. Plus, the Canon s100 is small, can fit in my pockets, and take great pictures that way I can whip it out whenever I want. I am going to do more research on cameras before I can really commit to buying one.

Right now, we are looking to water raft in New Hampshire!
 (Screen shot source:
Looks like a good place to start and look at the guy in the picture, he's pretty cute and he looks like he's having fun. Haha, maybe we can go there. I don't know how my New York friends will get to NH though. 

Let's see...for rental vacation homes? Something like this? Doesn't look so bad and seems big enough for approximately 8 or more people? If not, we can play rock-paper-scissor to see who sleeps in the car! 

I hope they have a grill, I wanna BBQ and eat yummy foods.  Next month is not even closing in yet and I am already doing so much window shopping. 

Woe is me. I am suppose to be saving money too, but I am already spending it so soon. For the life of me, saving money is definitely not my forte.

Recently, I purchased a bag from LeSportsac! Isn't is so pretty and floral? The price wasn't so bad too. Got it for $51.95 at Karmaloop. There's only left in stock, thank god I order it ASAP! Can't wait for them to ship it to me soon!

How can I possibly save any money when pretty things keep appearing in front of me?

It's like asking a hungry child to not eat the delicious meal!

Plus, I really like floral things - they seem to go really nice with most styles.

I also got myself a pair of flats! I've been eyeing these babies ever since I saw one of my friend wore one.

It's called... DUN DUN DUN ~ Sam Edelman's "The Beatrix Shoe in Rose Gold".
Pretty nice right? 

I just love the studded tips! I think that's what made me decide to buy this. Albeit, probably not good for hiking or water rafting for that matter... Oh well. I got carried away~

This is how it looks like when you wear it. I assure you it'll look BETTER ON MY FEET! MUAHA!
I've only bought two things today and I already feel so shameful >_<;; I might put myself through another ban on buying stuff or spending altogether. 

All merchandise pictures are taken from Karmaloop.

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