Saturday, May 26, 2012

Visting New York & iPhone Apps

I am always so happy visiting my home! Massachusetts is 4 hours away by car or bus but it is also cheapest. I think they are many bus companies that travels between these two states, but I've only tried Fungwah and Lucky Star cause they're both $15 and stops in china town. No point in paying more for the same service right?

I was so unlucky on Friday, the bus I got on broke down when it was only 15 minute away from china town. Wtf!! I don't think you can see it from this picture, but smoke was coming out of the back...err the engine? I don't know.

This is the 2nd time that I've sat on a broken down bus.

Lucky Star: 2
Fungwah: 0

I still choose to travel with Lucky Star because they have free wifi. But it is so slow that it doesn't make any difference of having any internet at all. I should reconsider.


I came across this really funny and amusing app for iPhones. It's called Comic Mask.

Don't I look so outrageously sick here? When you take a pic, it automatically stick the mask over your face. So convenient man!!!

I call this face, the loserish bum. I didn't shave my beard and have such big dark bags under my eyes. And there are leaves falling all over and sticking out of my hair. I don't know why there's bread on my head, maybe if I am hungry I can eat it later. Wah...what a sad life.

Sadly, the app is not free - I think it's like .99-1.99?

I think this piggy face represents me the most cause I eat everything. Oh well, you only have one life man!

Ok that's it for today!

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