Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Black Friday: Super Impulsive Buys

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (Belated)

I am grateful for my family, boyfriend, and friends that stuck by me for so many years. To the ones that never gave up and to the ones that cared enough to send me text msgs (lol?). Thanks!

So without further ado....

Black Friday wasn't amazing.

There weren't any good sales...heck it just felt like any other day except it is super crowded and the stores are open longer.

I didn't walk into every store known to exist. I was pretty content with browsing through the mall. My mother and I ended up at Short Hills mall at NJ. The place is huge and filled with high end brand name retailers. Damn! I knew my I was going to make a dent in my wallet.

How big of a dent?

Guys, my wallet exploded into smithereens! It doesn't exist anymore!!!

Picture quality sucks ass because I did not lugged my camera along. Sorry, but hey it's clear enough. Mmmehh!

Not to mention, I already swiped my card to buy a new laptop since my MacBook Pros failed on me. It can't handle all my gaming I've done this month.

I've burned through the 15" and now the 13".

Hence, I gave up. No more MacBooks for me.

So presenting my new beauty...

Alienware M17x!

Sporting a nice sleek exterior, this baby is packing with two ATI radeon video cards, processor speed up 3.7ghz, 8g memory, and with 1tb storage.

Baby, you make me proud.

In the end, I may have wreck my wallet and maxed out come cards here and there...I am happy! May not get fed well this month, but I am happy!

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