Friday, August 31, 2012

Last Minute Post: Excited and so hungry!

Woke up today around 9, brushed my teeth and went back to sleep.

What was the purpose of that? Woke up again and brushed my teeth, again.

This sound quite sad, as if my life is so meaningless!

Spend the rest of the day bumming around and occasionally packing because today ~ I am going back to New York!

It's Labor's Day on Monday so I can stay longer and be happy!

Ever since I returned to MA, I've been so depressed and emotional. But the thought of being back in the city  puts my mind straight to LA LA land! *eyes twinkle*

The agenda for this weekend is for Winnie's Make-Up Party! Wtf is that? I don't know! But she is my dear friend and I'll waste 4hr on the bus back for her. Not to mention, Sa & Steph (SS) will be hanging out with me on Sunday night with their bf's =D It's a triple date!


I've never been on a double date, yet I'm going on a triple date! I thinkI'm missing a step here!

Lastly, I'm very hungry because brushing my teeth 2x today was so redundant, however my mouth feels very fresh and clean. I don't want to eat to ruin that feeling.

Look at the time (4pm) , I'm going to head out now. My boyfriend predicts that the bus terminal is going to be extremely crowded today.

Eh... I bought a hydrating mask to relax in on the bus. All that dirty air being recycled and reused all around is...UGH! I don't want to think about it.


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