Thursday, August 30, 2012

NY Weekend

I am back in Boston, MA and golly I am bored. Don't ask me where to tour/visit because I wouldn't know. If I did, I would not be dying here.... you can see vultures outside my house, patiently waiting...

Anyway! I went to visit NY last weekend and it is full of fun! My cousin Frank came to visit and that's the main reason why I had to rush back.  I stayed for two days and two nights? That's four hours back and forth. That's a lof time wasted sitting on the bus, I could be doing other things!!!

Speaking of which, why do people always insist that the things we do should be productive or else we've wasted our time. How does that make any sense? What if we're being productive but we do not enjoy it? We have only one life, not enjoying it to the fullest is being fucking wasteful! Okay, I digress.

Here's a pic of the dude I adore in my family, other than dad and bro. 

Me, Frank, and bro
My friend Judy saw this pic and said we all look alike. Do we? I think Frank and my bro somewhat resemble each other. 

And like every other Chinese family gathering, we have dimsum or known as tea time!

I haven't seen my parents in ages! 

Person 1, Person 2, and mom
Person 1 and 2 are family as well, I just do not know how to translate their relationship to me in English. But, look that's my mom. 

Surprisingly, there was less bickering over who pays the bill. It's a typical Asian thing that occurs about 90% of the time. 

Moving on!


So one of the cool places I went to check this weekend is an Italian Market called Eataly. Get it?

200 5th Avenue  New York, NY 10010

Incoming loads of pics!

There's a bakery inside!

Hummus! Yum!

Selling pasta and there's little tables for you hang and munch food on! Probably can't see the tables in this pic.

Surprised to see this much cheese? I feel bad for whomever is lactose intolerant.


This looks hella greasy, but it was really good. I am not kidding!

At Eataly, there's even a restaurant! It must be pretty well known because there was a long long line. I'm assuming long line = really amazing food, but Eunice (Frank's gf) subtly indicated with the shake of her head that it wasn't that amazing. I'll give it a chance next time I visit again.

Next stop after Eataly as China Town's Original Ice Cream Factory.

I can vouch for this place! Don't want your typical chocolate and vanilla, then come here!

65 Bayard St., New York, NY 10013

One of the menu (boards?) listing out some of the flavors.

Flavors: Banana, Pistachio, Coconut, Mocha Chip
 Just to give you an idea what kind of your flavors you should expect. Off of my head, I believe there's also, lychee, mango, strawberry cheesecake, green tea, red bean, zen butter, taro... etc.etc.!!!

Left: I forgot what flavor these are! HAA sorry!
Right: Zen Butter     ==> Tastes a lot like vanilla bean. 

Left: Lime/Lemon        => Yeah,  I don't know why someone would get that combo.
Right: Lychee/Mango          => My typical order here! It's so good!

The ice cream shop is a really small area wedge between two restaurants (I think..) and it's pretty easy to find. There's so many flavors; it can get pretty overwhelming but  they do allow sample tasting.

Okay, I am going to abruptly end this post here! Because my fingers are tired now.

Might update a bit more later.

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